Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy
TRAINAIR PLUS On-site assessment completed successfully on 10th of March 2023

Mr. Hervé Touron, Head of Training Assessments and Consultancy Unit of Global Aviation Training (GAT) at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) visited Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy on 09th and 10th of March 2023, to complete the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS on-site assessment of the academy.

SLAAA is a TRAINAIR PLUS full member since 2014. ICAO GAT office assesses each of their member training institutions once in 3 years' time to check and verify the ability of the course delivery. It will ensure that the institution complies with the terms of the TRAINAIR PLUS membership.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and imposed travel restrictions, ICAO decided to hold the training institution assessments in two phases; first virtual and next on-site. The virtual phase of the assessment for SLAAA was conducted by Mr. Jose Riveros Gutierrez, one of the Training Officers at GAT office, Montreal, from 14th through 16th September 2021 and Mr. Touron visited for the onsite phase.

During the onsite assessment Mr. Touron visited the classrooms, laboratories and Auditoria of SLAAA to check the appropriateness of using those for the training. He met the students who are following training during the period. Mr. Touron also visited the 3D ATC tower and RADAR simulator of the academy. He referred the course material and training manuals of SLAAA and thanked SLAAA for having such complete set of manuals.

Subsequently, SLAAA has passed the full assessment with a very few observations from ICAO. SLAAA is preparing a corrective action plan for the observations where SLAAA is bound to correct the observations before the next assessment. With the assessment completed successfully, SLAAA will receive the most prestigious TRAINAIR PLUS membership extension for another 3-year period.

This is the second time Mr. Touron visiting SLAAA and was delighted to be there again. Eng. Athula Seneviratne, Head of Civil Aviation Training and head of the SLAAA, together with the senior members of the CATD staff had participated the onsite assessment with the assessor. Mr. Touron left for ICAO GAT office, Canada on 11th March 2023.


Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy


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