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Diploma in Aviation Management

Starts on 2nd May 2024

Complete the Diploma at SLAAA and gain Lateral Entry to the "Bachelor of Aviation Management Degree" of Massey University, New Zealand

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The Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy, is pleased to announce that applications are being entertained for the eleventh intake of the "Diploma in Aviation Management" programme.
This is your opportunity to be a leader among the next generation of professionals of the world's most fascinating industry.

This is the first course of its kind offered by a state institution and our sincere aim is to fulfill the higher educational aspirations of at least a limited number of the vast population of A/L qualified youngster while qualifying them to be employed in junior executive and lower level managerial positions in the fast growing and diverse national civil aviation industry and its allied trades.

Apart from becoming a dynamic, qualified, result oriented aviation professional, the successful completion of the diploma will let you earn sufficient credits to directly enrol in the 2nd year of the degree of "Bachelor of Aviation" offered by the School of Aviation, Massey University, New Zealand. In addition, you will also get a discount on the tuition fee levied by the university, a concession available exclusively for our students.

Message from Massey University
  • Your takeaways from the Diploma Programme
  • 120 advanced credits towards the Bachelor of Aviation Management degree offered by School of Aviation of Massey University, New Zealand at a discounted tuition fee.
  • A broad understanding of the aviation industry, both national and international, how it contributes towards the economy, and how it is regulated.
  • Ability to interface and interact with any person, group or organization connected with the aviation industry and its allied trades in a professional manner.
  • Ability to select appropriate analytical techniques and apply them effectively to solve unique problems in airport/airline operations and those in related disciplines that are frequently encountered at junior managerial level.
  • Ability to source decision support information, to present them in a manner that facilitates effective decision making and to convince.
  • Ability to maintain and promote good customer relations conducive for business in a highly customer oriented industry through the display of professional conduct of the highest calibre.
  • Ability to get and stay connected with the aviation industry by obtaining membership of relevant key national and international professional institutions.

Programme Structure

The diploma is a full time study programme of approximately 10 months duration consisting of 2 courses with an industrial attachment sandwitched between them. The last part of the programme will be an in-facility-training where you will get a first hand opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the programme in real industrial settings, under guidance.


Programme Medium

The medium of instruction will be English.

Entry Requirements

You may enroll in this programme

if you have successfully completed the Foundation in Aviation Management programme conducted by the SLAAA


passed the G.C.E A/L Examination, either in Local syllabus or in London syllabus, (or have an equivalent secondary level educational qualification)
have at least a credit pass for English at the G.C.E. O/L Examination

(AASL may at its own discretion, accept other qualifications indicative of sufficient proficiency in the English language that is required to follow a study programme in English.)

Your Investment

LKR. 500,000.00 payable in a maximum of 4 installments.

A rebate of 10% will be offered on full payment (Rs. 450,000.00 upfront)


Programme duration

Approximately 10 months  of fulltime study.

 To Enrol

Please send in your application via email to reach us by 24th April 2024.

Apply Now
Please complete the Application contained in the Application Package downloadable via the above link and email us befoer the closing date.

Check the course details of the Foundation in Avaition Management programme below.
Foundation Programme

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